University Art Museum at California State University Long Beach

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University Art Museum at California State University Long Beach

The University Art Museum at California State University in Long Beach

The University Art Museum is located on the campus of California in Long Beach. Begun in 1973, the museum was fully accredited by the American Association of Museums in 1984.

The UAM serves a number of important functions, both to the University and to the community at large. The museum offers lectures, concerts and tours. It also serves as a facility for training future museum professionals, curators, administrators, artists and art teachers.

The museum is ranked in the top ten percent of museums in the United States. Several collections have brought the museum acclaim including its collection of the works of mid-20th century artists like Andy Warhol and Nancy Graves, and exhibitions of current artists.

The Gordon Hampton Collection of Mid-20th Century American Art was given as a gift by Gordon Hampton Foundation and the Hampton Family. It contains the works of artists such as Michael Goldberg and Milton Resnick and is an important collection at the UAM.

The CLUSB Monumental Sculpture Collection has received much commendation from the arts community and the community at large since it was created in 1965 at the International Sculpture Symposium, the first university-sponsored sculpture symposium in the United States.

The University Museum also contains a collection of “Works on Paper.” Used to help the arts community, students, educators and the public at large understand the University’s involvement with the arts over the years these records have been archived to help provide a clearer understanding of the arts and its place in society in the history of the UAM.

UAM also offers special events to the community including programs for students K through 12, public programs like UAM@noon as well as internships.

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